Water Treatment Plant

Our Company offers Water Treatment Contractor for making water used for human consumption and other purposes.
Water Treatment System is used for making purification, which helps in eliminating harmful substances from water to make it drinkable and consumable for all
The water is treated to make it fit for irrigation and floor washing purposes etc. Our Water Treatment Plant has a wide application in the food and beverage sector, hotels, residential complexes, oil & gas Industry and more.

Water Treatment Plant

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Water Treatment Plant

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Domestic Drinking water plants

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We offer following Water Treatment Product

Water Pretreatment

We have water pretreatment best-in-class knowledge and expertise when it comes to the pretreatment of water for boiler makeup and other industrial processes.
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Our Service

Tirta Wahana Abadi provides water treatment equipment, supplies, and services which allow customers to efficiently and cost effectively decontaminate water and wastewater.
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Water Treatment System

Processes involved in water treatment for drinking purposes to provide a safe source of water supply may solids separation using physical processes such as settling and filtration, and chemical processes such as disinfection and coagulation.
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Services & Consumables

This comprehensive service & Consumables Ensures that water treatment plants are operating optimally with fully maintained equipment. Services include contracts with on-site preventive and responsive maintenance; and technical support
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Portable Reverse Osmosis

portable reverse osmosis indonesia, you see an example of a fully equipped container. The container has been designed for a power plant and the water will be used for cooling water (8 m³/h), boiler water for high pressure steam turbine (6 m³/h), and drinking water.
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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Is already widespread in the mid-eighties when the RO membrane manufacturer developed a strong membrane that can withstand cleaning, biofouling and high operating pressure for years.
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Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters System for Color Removal, Odor Removal in Waterand Taste Control – Carbon Filters
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Spare Parts

We offer a wide range of spare parts and associated services to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your water treatment plants at all industrial sites.
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Ion Exchange Demineralization

Ion exchange was the first technology employed to fully demineralize water. While reverse osmosis (RO) is a cost effective alternative for water demineralization, should be considered whenever:
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Design & Build

Designs, installs and commissions large-scale custom-engineered water and wastewater treatment plants on a turnkey basis Boasts a full complement of project managers, process, mechanical and ECI (electrical, control and instrumentation) engineers Manages quality, safety, health and environmental issues during the design and execution of projects
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Upstream Oil and Gas Water Treatment

In recent decades, the oil and gas industry has undergone significant changes. However, water and wastewater treatment for upstream oil and gas water has remained a key factor for successful operations.
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Process Design

The selection of a process design partner is more important, and complex, than ever. Clients look for the ideal mix of contemporary thinking and a proven track record.
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Wastewater treatment biodegradable organics (e.g. BOD) which can serve as “food” for microorganisms in the receiving body. Microorganisms combine this matter with oxygen from the water to yield the energy they need to thrive and multiply;
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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment plant, also called sewage treatment plants or water pollution control plants, remove most pollutants from wastewater before it is released to local waterways.
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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is closely related to the standards and/or expectations set for the effluent quality. Wastewater treatment processes are designed to achieve improvements in the quality of the wastewater. The various treatment processes may reduce:Suspended solids (physical particles that can clog rivers or channels as they settle under gravity)
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Mixed Bed PolisherMixed Bed Polisher

We can design and build bespoke unit polishing mixed bed to meet all the needs of our customers.
Cation and anion resins are combined in a steel tube, FRP or stainless steel to produce ultra pure water.
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Products and Systems

Tirta Wahana Abadi partnership contract approach with client plants in their water treatment, cooling, and wastewater treatment areas enables us to help reduce production costs in areas previously thought to be outside the water treatment domain including;
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Dosing Pump

We supply premium quality Dosing Pump that are widely used in industrial houses for several industrial applications. The Chemical Dosing Pump provided by us has been in huge demand in the markets because of its high pumping capacity and easy operations.
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Sewage Treatment Plant

Heightened environmental standards, more stringent controls, new guidelines and the introduction of new Building Regulations have placed greater importance than ever before on the need to install correctly sized and specified sewage treatment plants
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cover all aspects of the automotive manufacturing process: assembly, engine, transmission, chassis, and stamping. We provide chemical formulations to control corrosion, scale, and fouling in your water utility system, as well as process chemistries specific to the automotive industry.
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