Our Service

Our Service provides water treatment equipment, supplies, and services which allow customers to efficiently and cost effectively decontaminate water and wastewater. TWA supplies a wide range of water treatment related items, from pumps, controls, instrumentation and filters, to RO systems; DI bottles chemical feed systems, and tanks. TWA has the equipment you need to fulfill virtually any water treatment requirement.

Tirta Wahana Abadi’ also provides comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis, their in-house laboratory utilizes cutting edge testing methods and processes that deliver accurate and consistent results. As a value added service, TWA also delivers complete training programs, site field tests, and on-site chemical safety services.

This comprehensive service & Consumables Ensures that water treatment plants are operating optimally with fully maintained equipment. Services include contracts with on-site preventive and responsive maintenance; and technical support. By offering this professional maintenance service, TWA Water Solutions is instrumental in aiding plants to operate efficiently with minimal downtime and maximum cost savings through the supply of:Spare parts and consumables
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Engineering solutions division offers a broad range of modular standard process and equipment designs available for both water and wastewater tretment applications. Our project methodology enables the implementation of projects in the shortest possible time period at a lower capital cost.
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The selection of a process design partner is more important, and complex, than ever. Clients look for the ideal mix of contemporary thinking and a proven track record. When experience matters, TWA can show knowledge of all conventional treatment processes. At the same time, we’re industry leaders in advanced treatment technologies. That’s a blend that gives our clients confidence.
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Diverse operational, service and maintenance contracts
With various contracts in the municipal and industrial market segments, our Operations division has the capacity to operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants of all sizes on a continuous basis.
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Operating in the industrial and municipal market segments, our Design & Build division:
Designs, installs and commissions large-scale custom-engineered water and wastewater treatment plants on a turnkey basis
Boasts a full complement of project managers, process, mechanical and ECI (electrical, control and instrumentation) engineers
Manages quality, safety, health and environmental issues during the design and execution of projects
Conducts feasibility and pilot studies during the development phase of a project
The team is based both in our Johannesburg and Paarl offices, and functions as an integrated project unit.
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A water treatment system service and maintenance plan is an economical interference-free manner in order to ensure that the water treatment system is operating at the desired performance. TWA offers maintenance and services to ensure that the below water treatment solutions are functioning at the peak performance.
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