Industries Water & Wastewater Treatment
TWA delivers superior results to a wide variety of end users. When it comes to Industries best practices, TWA has set the standard for best-in-class water treatment with our customized programs that meet the unique needs of our valued customers.


cover all aspects of the automotive manufacturing process: assembly, engine, transmission, chassis, and stamping. We provide chemical formulations to control corrosion, scale, and fouling in your water utility system, as well as process chemistries specific to the automotive industry.
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Chemical Processing

TWA is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the chemical industry. Our advanced automation and control systems complement our complete line of chemical treatment programs. Our programs encompass the entire spectrum of industrial applications, including pretreatment, cooling water, boiler water, and wastewater solutions, as well as: process additives, water reuse programs, and closed-loop cooling systems.
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Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities for modern hospitals, hotels, and office blocks are reliant on a complex network of water systems which, if not treated effectively, can break down, fail or pose a risk to health.
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Food and Beverage

Products and Systems for Food and Beverage In Industrial Water Treatment, Water Treatment Products provides a wide range of water treatment solutions for commercial and residential, drinking water, wastewater, and industrial purposes.
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General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing in Water and Wastewater Treatment & Water preparation processes comprise a wide range of technologies and physical-chemical methods. Methods must be selected with a view to the purpose of the use of the prepared water – the preparation of potable water requires a different approach from, e.g., the preparation of cooling water, feed water for boilers, or process water.
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Upstream Oil and Gas Water Treatment

In recent decades, the oil and gas industry has undergone significant changes. However, water and wastewater treatment for upstream oil and gas water has remained a key factor for successful operations.
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Effective water stewardship often involves the effective implementation of a wide range of technologies to improve efficiency, protect the environment and minimize risk. As advances in mine water treatment technology continue to improve, reduced capital and operating costs have allowed application of this technology as a mine water management tool to become commercially viable.
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Purified water is widely used for research procedures and drug formulations, as well as for general process Pharmaceutical duties such as rinsing. Therefore, appropriate water quality is of critical importance as it can affect the quality, safety, efficacy, strength or purity of the finished product for the Pharmaceutical industry.
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